WT Articles anywhere with fields

WT Articles anywhere with fields

WT Articles anywhere with fields

Joomla content plugin, which allows you to insert information from materials and custom material fields in any place where content plugins work using a short code. It is possible (and even necessary) for the plugin to create its own output layouts, which you specify in the short code.

  • Download type: Free
  • Category: Joomla plugins
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Downloads: 3188
  • Hits: 5581

This plugin is needed for linking site pages to Joomla. For example, you created a store on one of the components for e-commerce and a catalog of completed works using standard Joomla materials, but using custom fields, layout overrides, as described here.

With this plugin, you can insert data from articles and custom fields, having previously created your own output layouts.

Plugin short code

{wt_article_wf article_id=XXXX tmpl=XXXX}


the material id in the articles manager. Required
Name of the output layout file in the directory plugins/content/wtarticlewithfields/tmpl/ Not rewuired


  • Extension type: Plugin
  • Folder: Content
  • Joomla version: 3.9, 3.10

WT Articles anywhere with fields v.1.0.1

Fixed incorrect formation of SEF-links to the material

2021-09-29 09:51:10

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