WT JoomShopping Favorite

WT JoomShopping Favorite

The functionality of favorite products is implemented using cookies. As standard, the JoomShopping wish list button is displayed only in the single product view. There is no in the products list. When using various hacks to add a wish list button to the product category view, the button redirects to the product card, if the product has dependent attributes (which affect the price).

WT JoomShopping Favorites is an alternative wish list (favorite products) for JoomShopping wich solve this problems.
Starting from version 1.3.0, only Joomla 4 is supported. Development of versions for Joomla 3 is frozen.

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.3.3 Download

  • Date: 13 June 2022
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 4.1
  • Downloads: 229
Fixed an error when installing and updating the extension

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.3.2 Download

  • Date: 19 May 2022
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 4.1
  • Downloads: 178
Fixed an error in which the CSS class was not assigned from the settings of the menu item the button for clearing selected products in case there are no products in the favorites

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.3.1 Download

  • Date: 10 May 2022
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 4.1
  • Downloads: 120
The conflict with the JoomShopping full product path construction plugin has been eliminated.

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.3.0 Download

  • Date: 09 April 2022
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 4.0
  • Downloads: 236
Joomla 4 support

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.2.3 Download

  • Date: 07 March 2022
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 3.10
  • Downloads: 277
- added processing of the list of selected products by JoomShopping plugins
- small code refactoring

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.2.2 Download

  • Date: 22 November 2021
  • Tag: Stable
  • Downloads: 533
- Meta-description of the page of selected products can now be set in the settings of the menu item. Thus, the meta-description of the selected products ceases to duplicate the meta-description of the main page.
- Minor edits in the code.

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.2.1 Download

  • Date: 03 November 2021
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 3.10
  • Downloads: 331
Updating the JoomShopping model that ensures the functionality of the extensions WT JoomShopping Favorites, WT JoomShopping Compare and WT JoomShopping Last Seen products.

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.2.0 Download

  • Date: 08 September 2021
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 3.10
  • Downloads: 506
- The plugin has added a setting for how many days to store cookies for selected products.
- Large code refactoring.

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.1.0 Download

  • Date: 24 July 2021
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 3.9
  • Downloads: 508
- Added the "Empty favorites" button
- Fixed an error due to which products could be added to favorites, but not displayed in the favorites list.
- Rejection of jQuery.cookie.
- Code fixes and improvements
If you have your own JoomShopping template or redefinitions are made - do not forget to copy the file components/com_jshopping/templates/default/wtjshoppingfavorites/wtjshoppingfavorites.php to the folder with your template or transfer changes to your overrides.

WT JoomShopping Favorite 1.0.2 Download

  • Date: 24 June 2021
  • Tag: Stable
  • Downloads: 527
Fixed an error in the favorite products module that occurred if there are several modules on the page.

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