WT SM Ozon Rocket for JoomShopping

WT SM Ozon Rocket for JoomShopping

WT SM Ozon Rocket for JoomShopping

Calculation of the cost of delivery for Joomla JoomShopping using the Ozon Rocket service. The service is intended for legal entities and sole proprietors.

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  • Version: 1.3.2
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The cost of delivery for Joomla JoomShopping is calculated using the Ozon Rocket API. To interact with the API, you must have the status of an individual entrepreneur or company, register in the Ozon Rocket service and generate API keys.


  • Choosing an Ozon warehouse to calculate the cost in the Joomla JoomShopping settings
  • Getting an up-to-date list of all possible order pick-up points and postamates for a locality,
  • Displaying a widget with a map of the location of Ozon order pick-up points in a locality
  • Display of delivery dates
  • Displaying additional information about the delivery method (cost of packaging, address of the PVZ, how to get to the PVZ, phone number of the PVZ)
  • Unlimited number of ways to deliver Joomla JoomShopping using Ozon Rocket
  • The possibility of extra charges for both a separate delivery method and not all delivery methods at once.
  • The ability to specify the weight correction factor as for a separate delivery method. and for everything at once. The weight of the package is included in this coefficient.
  • The ability to set a discount from the order amount for each Ozon Rocket delivery method. More details below.
  • The fixed cost of delivery specified in the price for the delivery method is taken into account. Discounts from the order amount are also applied to it.

When creating a shipping method, specify the alias sm_wt_ozon_rocket_form to display a list of pick-up points, delivery dates and additional information.

Demo videos

Setting up a discount on the JoomShopping order amount for Ozon Rocket

3 discount modes

  • Fixed amount. We subtract it from the cost of delivery with all coefficients.
  • A percentage of the delivery amount.We subtract the specified percentage from the delivery cost.
  • Free shipping.

For clients, it is shown:

  • delivery amount
  • the amount of the order from which the discount comes
  • discount amount

Fixed price of the shipping method

In the prices for JoomShopping delivery, it is possible to specify the cost of delivery manually. This price takes precedence over the price obtained from Ozon Rocket.

  • If a fixed cost of delivery is specified, the fixed cost of delivery is shown to the client. The price of Ozon Rocket is ignored.
  • Discounts from the order amount are also applied to the fixed cost:
    • Fixed discount (N rubles).If the discount amount is greater than the shipping cost, the discount amount is equal to the shipping cost.
    • A percentage of the shipping cost.The fixed cost specified manually is reduced by a percentage in the same way as the price of the Ozon Rocket.
    • Free shipping.The shipping cost will be 0.
  • These settings are specified for each price of the delivery method separately. For each delivery price, you can specify a different order amount to receive a discount on delivery.

The display of discount information can be disabled in the extension settings for calculating the cost of delivery. At the same time, the discounts themselves will be calculated according to the price settings for the delivery methods.

Checking the operability of the Ozon Rocket API keys in Joomla JoomShopping

Version 1.3.1 adds the ability to test the Ozon Rocket API keys. It is not uncommon for the API to start working only after contacting tech.support for Ozon Rocket. When contacting the technical staff .supports will ask the body of the request to the API. You can get it in the System - WT Ozon Rocket plugin.

Ozone rocket delivery for jumla api key verification invalid api keys
An invalid Ozon Rocket Client ID is specified (specifically). The data for those will be shown.supports Ozon Rocket.
ozon rocket delivery for jumla the correct api keys are specified in the settings
Screenshot of successful verification of Ozon Rocket delivery API keys for Joomla.
  • Extension type: Package
  • Package composition: File, Library, Plugin
  • Joomla version: 3.10

WT SM Ozon Rocket for JoomShopping v.1.3.2

Updating the library for communication with the Ozon Rocket API
- Minor fixes in the API connection method
- Added display of connection errors using Joomla system messages.
- Added error logging to the file lib_webtolk_ozonapi_ozonrocket.log.php , which will be located in the directory for logs specified in the General Settings of Joomla.

2022-05-17 15:57:37

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