Bootstrap 4 Toast module

Bootstrap 4 Toast module

Bootstrap 4 Toast module

Bootstrap 4 toast-notifications module. This type of notifications founded only in Bootstrap 4. Sure that your website template based on Bootstrap 4 framework.

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  • Version: 1.1.0
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How to use

  • Coockie alert
  • As a notification or tooltip for your visitors

Module settings

Toasts positions
Specify a position for toast-notifications (screen corners) or custom CSS position
CSS 'position' value
Absolute - the notification will scroll along with the page. Fixed - the notification 'sticks' to the screen area, will not scroll along with the page.
Display toast-header
Hide or show toast header: icon, text and additional text (right side)
Show icon/image in header
Display image in toast header. Select an image by file manager.
Toast header text
Toast header additional text (small)
For ex., you can display notification's timestamp. - 11 mins ago.
Toast CSS classes
Specify CSS classes for the entire notification. For example, bg-primary text-white.
CSS class of the notification header
Styles which apply only to the header region of the notification. By default, the title has a background that can be redefined here. For example, bg-primary text-white.
Toast main text
You can place custom html here. Any content. Joomla Content plugins can process this area.
Use autohide?
Toasts will automatically hide in Bootstrap4 by default - autohide=true.
Autohide delay (in seconds)
Be sure to set the delay timeout to ensure people have enough time to read the toast.
Delay before toast will be shown (in seconds)
A notification popping up immediately after loading usually annoys visitors greatly. Depending on the information in the message, it is recommended to set a timeout of 30 to 90 seconds.
Notification read confirmation
Adds a button to read. After clicking the button, the browser displays a coocke file. When you visit again, the module scans the coockie. If the coockie-file issued by him is found, then the module is not displayed.
Confirmation button text
Any intuitive text - "Ок", "Confirm" etc.
Coockie date expires in days.
1 year by default. Set the coockie date expires. After this time period notification will be shown again.
Important notification?
This setting is needed to determine the importance of notification to screen readers. Does not affect the appearance. Blind and visually impaired people use specialized software. The value of this setting reflects how urgently and quickly assistive technologies need to inform users of this notification.
Use content plugins in the description?
Joomla Content plugins will process main toast text area.


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What's new

Boostrap4 Toast module v.1.1

- Select an icon using the file manager
- The main text of the notification is now in the editor. You can insert any HTML.
- Processing of module content by content plugins.
- You can specify CSS styles for the module header and body.

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