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WT Yandex map items
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WT Yandex map items

Display data from various component's custom fields like Yandex.Maps placemarks. Joomla articles are displayed as Yandex.maps placemarks. The articles categories and contacts are not displayed yet. The module is written according to the new Joomla 4 structure. This means that it will work on Joomla 5 as well.

WT Last Seen products for JoomShopping
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WT Last Seen products for JoomShopping

A package consisting of a module and a plugin. The plugin writes the products viewed by the visitor to the cookie, and the module displays them. The plugin configures the cookie lifetime - how many days to store information about viewed products in the user's browser. From version 1.1.0 supports Joomla 4 only. This is a free analog of "Addon last visited products" from MAXXmarketing GmbH.

WT Quick links
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WT Quick links

A module for quickly displaying links to categories of articles, Virtuemart, JoomShopping, Phoca Cart, a menu item or a custom link. The module allows you to create quick sets of links to various entities on the Joomla site: categories of materials, Virtuemart, JoomShopping, a menu item or a custom link. There are conditions for excluding the display of list items. You can create your own modu...

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