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WT Masonry.js
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WT Masonry.js

Masonry script that allows you to output images in the form of brickwork. The script is designed in Joomla 4+ WebAsset, which allows you to use it in any extensions of Joomla 4 and Joomla 5. This is a plugin for Joomla developers. It does not provide ready-to-use code.

WT SEO Meta templates - Tags
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WT SEO Meta templates - Tags

The plugin is a data provider of the Joomla tag component for the main WT SEO Meta templates plugin. The plugin allows you to specify a unique title tag and meta description tag, as well as their pagination. If the plugin parameters are disabled completely, then it will simply generate variables that you can use when filling in the title and meta-description manually. Only Joomla 4 is supported.

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WT JoomShopping content to Joomla articles - JoomShopping static text substitution plugin for Joomla articles

The plugin replaces the static text of JoomShopping with the specified Joomla materials. It is more convenient to manage texts with delivery and payment terms, privacy policy (personal data processing), return conditions, as well as create menu items through Joomla materials than using static JoomShopping text.

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