JLSitemap - JoomShopping

JLSitemap - JoomShopping

The plugin is a data provider of the JoomShopping online store for the JL Sitemap component. Developed by Nevigen.com . Updated to Joomla 4 by WebTolk.


The plugin allows you to create a site map taking into account categories, products, manufacturers and sellers in JoomShopping using the JL Sitemap component.

The JL Sitemap component allows you to create a full-fledged site map in the form of a classic file sitemap.xml .

The map is created as a file, and not through a request for formation, every time you access it, which usually created an additional load on the server.

The card is created in manual and automatic mode. The component has a lot of useful settings, including the ability to create a map on a schedule, via Cron. The ability to select menus and other options that will not be included in the map. Which ensures its purity.


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What's new

JLSitemap - JoomShopping v.1.5.1

The plugin has been fixed on sites where several entry points to the store are used in the menu structure - that is, several menu items of the "category" type, except for the "main page of the store". A similar problem was noticed on multilingual websites. The essence of the problem is that in the site map, products "jumped out" of their categories by a level or several up. There were also URL duplicates on multilingual sites, while these duplicates gave a 404 error. This is due to the fact that when forming the link (and alternatives from other language versions) for the site map, the ItemId for each specific link was not determined.

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