WT AmoCRM - RadicalForm

WT AmoCRM - RadicalForm

WT AmoCRM - RadicalForm

Plugin for sending data to amoCRM from Joomla feedback forms created using the professional Radical Form plugin. Require WT Amo CRM library. AmoCRM as known as Kommo CRM (https://www.kommo.com/)


The plugin only works together with Radical Form. To communicate with Amo CRM, you need to install and configure the WT Amo CRM library.

Plugin features

  • creating leads in Amo CRM
  • choosing a sales pipeline to create leads on
  • ability to specify the lead tag when creating
  • the ability to specify the name of the lead - the field rfSubject
  • the ability to specify a pipeline for each form - the pipeline_id field in the form
  • the ability to specify for each form its own set of tags - the lead_tag_id field in the form. The field can contain either a single value or multiple id tags separated by commas.
  • the ability to specify for each form its own form_id.
  • form fields named phone and email are defined as phone and email by default
  • Multiple choice fields (select, radio, checkbox) are combined into one, where the selected values are separated by a comma
  • definition of all 18 types of UTM tags that are possible in Amo CRM. A js script is added to the site pages, which saves all detected UTM tags into session cookies. If the form is sent after some time or from other pages, UTM tags will still be specified in the lead.

Sample HTML form for Radical Form

<form name="callback-menu" class="p-2">
    <h2 class="mb-3">Callback</h2>
    <div class="mb-3">
        <label for="callback-menu-tel" class="form-label">Phone</label>
        <input name="phone" required="" type="tel" id="callback-menu-tel" class="form-control"
               placeholder="+7 (999) 999-99-99">
    <div class="mb-3"><label for="callback-menu-email" class="form-label">Email</label>
        <input name="email"
    <div class="mb-3">
        <label for="callback-menu-message" class="form-label">Message</label>
        <textarea name="message" rows="3" id="callback-menu-message" class="form-control"></textarea>
    <input type="hidden" name="form_id" value="123"/>
    <!-- Specifying a hidden field with the AmoCRM pipline id --> <input type="hidden" name="pipeline_id" value="1111111"/> <!-- Specifying a hidden field with the AmoCRM lead tag id тега --> <!-- It can be a single tag --> <input type="hidden" name="lead_tag_id" value="283172"/> <!-- Or multiple tags separated by commas --> <input type="hidden" name="lead_tag_id" value="283172,188323,382761"/> <!-- Here we select several possible values to send. --> <!-- The selected values will be comma-separated into a single line --> <select name="developer" multiple> <option value="js">JavaScript</option> <option value="php">PHP</option> <option value="android">Android</option> </select> <!-- If the checkbox is set (selected), the value will be sent to the form. --> <!-- If not selected, the field value will not be sent at all. --> <!-- If both options are selected, their values in amoCRM will be listed via --> <!-- comma: 10, 20. --> <label for="checkbox-1">Checkbox with value 10</label> <input type="checkbox[]" value="10" id="checkbox-1"/> <label for="checkbox-2">Checkbox with value 20</label> <input type="checkbox[]" value="20" id="checkbox-2"/> <input type="hidden" name="rfSubject" value="It will be a lead name"/> <button class="btn btn-lg- btn-dark mx-auto rf-button-send">Send</button> </form>

In case of multiple values of one field in the plugin settings, you need to specify the field name without square brackets. For example, in the HTML code you write input name="developer[]" type="checkbox" value="android" />, and in the plugin settings specify the field namedeveloper, without square brackets.

Don't submit some forms to amoCRM

Sometimes there is a need not to send some forms to amoCRM. To do this, specify a hidden field in the form with the name stop_amo and any value. For example <input type="hidden" name="stop_amo" value="123asd" />. In this case, the form data will not get into amoCRM.


Extension type:
Joomla version:
4.1, 4.2, 4.3.1, 4.3.4, 5.0.0

What's new

Joomla 5 ready

Edits have been made for full compatibility with Joomla 5

stop_amo field support

Sometimes there is a need not to send some forms to amoCRM. To do this, specify a hidden field in the form with the name stop_amo and any value. In this case, these forms will not get into Amo CRM

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