WT Virtuemart Bitrix24

WT Virtuemart Bitrix24

WT Virtuemart Bitrix24

Plugin for sending order data from Virtuemart online store to Bitrix24 CRM. Joomla 4 and Joomla 5 support. Virtuemart 4+



  • 17 standard Bitrix24 fields, 48 Virtuemart data types
  • Sending data to user fields Bitrix24 (UF_CRM_) (for example, coupon codes, cost and delivery method, packaging margins, etc.). Data from these fields can be used for automatic insertion into documents.
  • Combining multiple Virtuemart fields into a single Bitrix24 field.
  • Adding products from the basket by entities of the lead's product items.
  • Creating leads
  • Creating deals
  • Create new contacts and link them to leads and deals
  • Search for matches among existing contacts in CRM by phone and email.
  • If a match is made only by mail or email, add information to an existing contact.
  • If several different contacts are found by the specified phone number and email, all contact details are recorded in the comment to the lead or deal.
  • Creating contact details
  • Extended display of debug information
  • Ability to create leads and deals at certain stages (with a certain status) from Your CRM.
  • Add a deal category choice (sales funnel)

Virtuemart fields

  1. Virtuemart order ID
  2. User ID
  3. Vendor ID
  4. Order number
  5. Customer ID
  6. Order password
  7. Order total
  8. Order sales price
  9. Order discount amount
  10. Order subtotal
  11. Order shipment
  12. Order shipment with tax
  13. Order payment
  14. Order payment tax
  15. Order payment with tax
  16. Coupon discount
  17. Coupon code
  18. Shipping method name
  19. Payment method name
  20. Order status
  21. Order delivery date
  22. Customer comment
  23. First name
  24. Last name
  25. Middle name
  26. Company name
  27. E-mail
  28. Birthdate
  29. Address
  30. Address 2
  31. ZIP
  32. City
  33. State
  34. Country
  35. Phone
  36. Mobile phone
  37. Fax
  38. Order name
  39. SKU
  40. GTIN
  41. MPN
  42. Product weight
  43. Product lenght
  44. Product width
  45. Product heigh
  46. Custom fields - cart attributes - in comment
  47. Product link
  48. Product image

Bitrix24 Fields

  1. Lead title
  2. First name
  3. Middle name
  4. Last name
  5. Birthdate
  6. Company name
  7. Address (street, house, building)
  8. Apartment/Office nr
  9. City
  10. Region
  11. Province
  12. Country
  13. Postal code (ZIP)
  14. Opportunity (lead amount)
  15. Lead comment
  16. Phone
  17. Fax
  18. E-mail
  19. UTM-parameters.

You can also create an unlimited number of custom UF_CRM_ fields

Demo video v.2.0.0

Demo video of the plugin v.1.0.0

Additional features:

link to the product
Link to the product is inserted in the lead comment.
product Image
product Image is inserted in the lead comment next to the link
field "Additional information about the source"
If your CRM receives requests from several stores or you have several business lines.
Selecting the type of lead source
Website or online store - for end-to-end Analytics in Bitrix24.
order name Prefix
The typical order number in Virtuemart is random letters and digits. For a more" human " lead name, a prefix is added to the order number. For example, "Order no."

Please note!

When using product entities , the total price per lead is equal to the total cost of the products. The cost of delivery, extra charges for the payment method, etc.are not included. To get this information in Bitrix24, create separate fields for the lead card (UF_CRM_)

Goods and commodity positions

In Bitrix24 there is a difference between goods from the product catalog and commodity positions. Commodity items - entities related to the lead or transaction, but they do not form an independent product. For each lead and deal, they are re-created. However, they can be saved as a product in a couple of clicks right from the lead or transaction card. Compared to the product card, the product items have a limited data set: you can transfer the name, price, quantity, type and amount of the discount (for each item), tax, unit of measure. Everything else can be transferred only to the goods from the product catalog.

The product items have one undeniable advantage - their number is absolutely unlimited . While the number of products in the product catalog depends on your Bitrix24 tariff plan: Refine the parameters of Bitrix24 tariff plans . Since September 2019, the restrictions have been 100, 200, 3000 and an unlimited number of products.


Extension type:
Joomla version:
3.9, 4.3.0

What's new

Joomla 4 / 5 ready

The plugin is rewritten according to the Joomla 4 / Joomla 5 architecture. This means that it should work seamlessly on Joomla 6 as well.

Creating a lead or a deal

The choice of the mode of creating a lead or a deal is implemented. Use it depending on the tariff of your Bitrix 24.

Choosing the lead status

Choosing the lead status - with what status it will be created (not processed, in progress, processed, etc.)

Choosing the stage of the deal

Choosing a specific stage for creating a deal (new, preparation of documents, prepayment invoice, etc.)

Choosing the deal category

Creating a deal in a specific sales category (choosing the direction of the deal)

Adding contacts missing in CRM

If the client is not in the CRM, a contact will be created.

Search for duplicates by e-mail and phone number

Before creating a deal, a contact is searched by e-mail and phone. If the contact exists, then the lead or deal is assigned to the existing contact. If more than one contact is found with the e-mail or phone data, a deal is created, and all data is placed in a comment to the deal for manual resolution of the problem.

Code refactoring

Code refactoring

Changelog URL

The Changelog url has been added so that you can view the list of changes to the new version before updating directly in the Joomla admin panel.

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