WT Bootstrap image slider

WT Bootstrap image slider

WT Bootstrap image slider

Joomla Bootstrap carousel image and content slider. Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 support. Adaptive images in the image carousel.



All the features of the slider come only from Bootstrap.

  • Unlimited number of images
  • Control settings (arrows, indicators)
  • Crossfade effect (since Bootstrap 4.1)
  • Display time settings for all slides or for each slide individually (since Bootstrap 4.2.1)
  • The title and subtitle of the slide
  • Call-to-action button (text, url, button css classes, js goals for web Analytics)
  • You can create and use your own module layouts.
  • Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 support
  • Custom HTML code in slides
  • You can insert any content into slides of the "Custom HTML" type using content plugins.
  • Adaptive images in the image carousel

Adaptive graphics in the image slider

Using adaptive images assumes that you prepare a separate image for each range of screen resolutions. Then the browser automatically determines which one is best suited for the user's device. For example, it is more reasonable for desktops to show a picture in the ratio of 16x9 (landscape orientation), while for mobile devices - 9x16 (portrait orientation). To do this, there is an HTML5 tag .The module settings allow you to specify images and @media request for this image with standard CSS syntax.

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Joomla version:
3.9, 4.1, 4.2

What's new

v.2.1.1 - PHP8 patch, small code refactoring

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