WT Quick links

WT Quick links

WT Quick links

A module for quickly displaying links to content categories, Virtuemart, JoomShopping, a menu item, or a custom link. The module allows you to manually create sets of links and display them in the form you need. The module assumes that you create the output you need for yourself using the module layouts

Often in the categories of goods of online stores, you can find carousels of links that SEO specialists call tagged. These links are used for linking between product categories and for the convenience of users who can quickly go to the category they are interested in.

Here are some examples.

avito screenshot sitelinks

Mobile view.

screenshot of avito quick links mobile view

screenshot of mvideo sitelinks

screenshot of mvideo sitelinks mobile view

Often this functionality is implemented using the HTML code module or the menu module. However, in both cases, administration becomes more complicated. In the first case, when editing, a specialist must have HTML layout skills, in the second case, the menu system is extremely complicated.

Actually, this module allows you to create quick links to JoomShopping, Virtuemart product categories, Joomla material categories, a specific menu item and any custom url.

  • Extension type: Module
  • Location: Site
  • Joomla version: 3.9, 3.10

WT Quick links 1.1.0

Added new fields for links: image, additional text, css class for the icon. You can use these fields when creating your layouts.

2022-03-28 19:12:55

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