WT JShopping cart save

WT JShopping cart save

WT JShopping cart save

The plugin saves products placed by the registered user in the cart, but not placed in the order, as well as a wish list. JoomShopping 5.3.2+


There are often cases when customers on the site put an item in the cart, but do not complete the order. Or they add products to the wish list, but forget about them.This plugin saves the abandoned baskets of registered users in the database and displays information to the site administrators in the list of users about which of the users has items forgotten in the basket.

On the user's edit page, you can see exactly which products are in the cart and the date of the last update of the cart by the user.

In the plugin settings, you can specify the number of days to store cookies, which identify the user and his forgotten shopping cart or wish list. 

The plugin can use the settings of the regular Joomla plugin - Authentication - Cookie. Its settings are used by the Remember Me plugin. If you use these plugins in combination, the user will remain logged in to the site for as long as his forgotten shopping cart will be stored.


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What's new

Bug fixed

In JoomShopping 5.3.2 the code for calling the method has changed, and therefore an error began to occur in the plugin when adding it to the cart. Fixed.

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