WT Last Seen products for JoomShopping

WT Last Seen products for JoomShopping

WT Last Seen products for JoomShopping

A package consisting of a module and a plugin. The plugin writes the products viewed by the visitor to the cookie, and the module displays them. The plugin configures the cookie lifetime - how many days to store information about viewed products in the user's browser. From version 1.1.0 supports Joomla 4 only. This is a free analog of "Addon last visited products" from MAXXmarketing GmbH.


In the module, you can select output layouts, but we assume that the layouts require a little refinement for the needs of each specific site. The presented layouts should be considered more as a demonstration.

Module layouts list

  • default - Bootstrap 5
  • bootstrap5-card - HTML5
  • bootstrap5-card-responsive - HTML5
  • bootstrap5-media - HTML5

HTML5 products are displayed with the <article> tag. The module must be output with the <section> tag and the header must be displayed - this is included in the additional parameters of the module.

html5 outline for joomla 4 joomshopping last seen products module


Extension type:
Package composition:
File, Module, Plugin
Joomla version:
3.9, 3.10, 4.0, 4.1

What's new

WT JoomShopping Last Seen products v.1.1.1

The module is not displayed if there were no viewed products

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