WT JMoodle auth for Moodle

WT JMoodle auth for Moodle

An authorization plugin that is designed for SSO users between Joomla and Moodle. It is paired with a plugin for Joomla - WT Moodle user sync

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  • Version: 1.1.0
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Unzip the archive to the auth folder of your Moodle installation and install it. 

In the settings, specify:

  1. the address of your Joomla site
  2. id of a special user in Moodle, from which Joomla works in Moodle using the REST API.
  3. id of the external service through which Joomla works in Moodle.

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This extension is currently not independent and plays a supporting role. For it to work on the Joomla side, you need to install and configure the WT Moodle library and the WT JMoodle user sync plugin.


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What's new

SSO: logout

Added the ability to log out of Moodle when a user logs out of Joomla

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