WT Bootstrap image slider

WT Bootstrap image slider

Joomla Bootstrap carousel image and content slider. Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 support. Adaptive images in the image carousel.

WT Bootstrap image slider 2.1.0 Download

  • Date: 16 August 2022
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 4.1
  • Downloads: 532
- Slide content with "own HTML" type now processing by content plugins. You can insert any content into slides of this type using content plugins.
- small code refactoring

WT Bootstrap image slider 2.0.0 Download

  • Date: 14 June 2022
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 4.1
  • Downloads: 404
- Added Bootstrap 5 support
In addition to the Bootstrap 4 output layout, the Bootstrap 5 output layout has been added. If necessary, you can copy the module layout files in the modules/mod_wtbootstrapimageslider/tmpl folder, rename them and change them according to your tasks.
- Adaptive graphics (images)
Added the ability to use adaptive images using the HTML5 picture tag. The module settings allow you to specify images and @media query for this image using standard CSS syntax.
- Custom HTML code
Added the ability to display custom HTML code in slides instead of images.
- Added Joomla 4 support
- Pay attention!
The slideshow module has changed significantly, so it is installed as a new module. You need to re-configure it.

WT Bootstrap image slider 1.0.2 Download

  • Date: 03 August 2021
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 3.9
  • Downloads: 1420
- Fixed a bug in the module template, due to which all slides were immediately active.
- Added sorting of slides in the drag'n'drop module

WT Bootstrap image slider 1.0.1 Download

  • Date: 02 April 2020
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 3.9
  • Downloads: 2413
- default template bug fixed
- code clean up

WT Bootstrap image slider 1.0.0 Download

  • Date: 04 March 2020
  • Tag: Stable
  • Joomla version: 3.9
  • Downloads: 930
First module version

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