SW JProjects

SW JProjects

Digital projects manager for Joomla! CMS™. Component provides the creation and operation of digital projects catalog and provides the ability of downloads.



Digital Projects Catalog

Component provides the creation and operation of digital projects catalog (programs, files, scripts, extensions, modules, etc.) and allows you to manage their description, characteristics and provides the ability of downloads.

Paid download

Thanks to the key manager, you can organize paid downloads on your site.
To do this, just select in the project "Download Type: Paid" and then you can download the file only if the key is specified.


Component provides versioning of digital projects with the ability to specify the stability (Development, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate, Stable) and changelog management.

Statistical functionality

Component includes statistical functionality with ability to track the count of downloads for each specific version.

File storage

File storage structure allows you to store files outside the root directory, which provides a high degree of protection and excludes downloading by direct link to the file, bypassing the component.

For Joomla! developers

Developers who create extensions for Joomla! CMS are provided with additional functionality for creating and running their own update server, as part of the component.

Changelog URL

In Joomla 4, in the admin panel before updating, there is an opportunity to view the changes made in the new version of the extension. You can also see them in the list of the extension manager in System - Management - Extensions when you click on the extension version. However, this is only possible if the XML manifest of the extension specifies the changelog URL, which contains a specially generated XML file with a description of the changes. This function has been added to SW JProjects.

  • the file is generated automatically
  • the data for describing changes are filled in based on the data specified when creating versions of the SW JProjects project
  • the Changelog URL configuration option has been added to the component settings. This parameter specifies the default language for displaying information about the extension in the admin panel of a third-party site. For example, you have a multilingual website and you fill in the version information in 2 languages. This parameter determines in which language your users will see the information.
  • the changelog link is automatically added to the XML of the update server. You need to add the link to the XML manifest manually.
  • the codes for inserting the update server and changelog URL can be seen on the project editing page, Joomla tab
  • added a Changelog view button in XML format to the toolbar with buttons on the project editing page



  • Convenient multilingual
  • Duplicate pages protection
  • OpenGraph and Twitter meta
  • Caching Joomla! Extensions Server Update Manifest

Additional extensions


Extension type:
Package composition:
Component, Module, Plugin
Joomla version:
4.3.3, 4.3.4

What's new

Project filtering options in menu item params

Filtering and sorting options for projects have been added to the settings of the menu item. Now you can show only paid, only free projects, or both types. You can sort projects by ID (novelty), download type, order in Joomla, views (popularity by views) and downloads (popularity by downloads).

The new project parameter - Visibility

For some extensions, you want to have an update server and a changelog URL, manage versions, but you don't want to show these extensions in the frontend so that visitors to your site can download and install them themselves. For example, these may be extensions that are installed as dependencies for other extensions, but at the same time have their own separate update server.
For such cases, you can set the visibility of the project: it can be hidden and the site visitor will not see it in the frontend, search engines will not index it and will not know about the extension page. But your clients' websites will be able to download updates. The visible column has been added to the project table in the database, which is 1 by default.

Download button on the documentation view page

The download button on the page for viewing documentation of paid projects has been fixed.

Download link for paid projects

Fixed the link to download extensions for paid projects.

Donation button in the admin panel

The button with a link to the donation page has been changed to a link to GitHub.

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