WT Amo CRM library

Documentation WT Amo CRM library

A small PHP library for Joomla 4 and Amo CRM. For developers. AmoCRM as known as Kommo CRM (https://www.kommo.com/)


Installing the library in Joomla 4

How to install and configure the amoCRM library in Joomla 4. Creating API integration on the Amo CRM side.

How to connect the AmoCRM library to your Joomla extension

The Joomla core way to connect third-party PHP libraries.

getAccountInfo method

The getAccountInfo method of the WT amoCRM library for Joomla returns information about the amoCRM account. In Joomla, extensions are needed, rather, to indicate normal communication with amoCRM.

getLeadById method

A method for obtaining data of a specific amoCRM lead by its id. The response includes custom lead fields, contacts, companies, funnel id, etc.

createLeads method

The method allows you to add leads from Joomla to an amoCRM account in batches.

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