WT SEO Meta templates

WT SEO Meta templates

WT SEO Meta templates

Plugin for using variables in the itle and meta description tags. Allows you to use templates for the title tag and the description meta tag. Accepts data (including SEO templates ) from additional plugin providers.


To work, you install 2 plugins:

  • Main WT SEO Meta templates
  • Plugin provider for your component (for example, for Virtuemart)

The plugin provider creates and passes variables and SEO templates to the main plugin. All settings are made in the provider plugin.

At the moment, the following plugin providers are created:

  • WT SEO Meta templates - Virtuemart (online store)
  • WT SEO Meta templates - JoomShopping (online store)
  • WT SEO Meta templates - MyCitySelector (Joomla multi-region component). My City Selector component on GitHub
  • WT SEO Meta templates - Content. Joomla content articles and categories.
  • WT SEO Meta templates - Tags. Core Joomla tags (a list of tags and a list of entities by tags)
  • WT SEO Meta templates - Phoca Gallery, image gallery Phoca Gallery.

Provider plugins are installed automatically based on the detected components.


Extension type:
Joomla version:
3.9, 3.10, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, , 4.3.1

What's new

Joomla 4

Since version 2.0.0, the plugin supports only Joomla 4

Plugin provider for Joomla tags

Added a provider plugin for a list of tags and a list of entities by tag. SEO suffixes are also added to pagination pages.

Debug info

While debugging for provider plugins is now enabled in the main plugin.

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