WT SEO Meta templates - Tags

WT SEO Meta templates - Tags

WT SEO Meta templates - Tags

The plugin is a data provider of the Joomla tag component for the main WT SEO Meta templates plugin. The plugin allows you to specify a unique title tag and meta description tag, as well as their pagination. If the plugin parameters are disabled completely, then it will simply generate variables that you can use when filling in the title and meta-description manually. Only Joomla 4 is supported.


For this plugin to work, you need to install the main plugin WT SEO Meta templates

Tags list

SEO variables are not provided for the tag list. Only pagination pages are processed for the purpose of uniqueness. SEO suffixes can be added to them.

List of entities by Joomla tags

The Joomla tag can show different entities: materials, categories, contacts, data from third-party components (events, products, etc.).

  • {CT_TAG_TITLE} - Tag header
  • {CT_TAGS_TITLES} - tag headers separated by commas. Joomla can show a selection of data for 2 or more tags at the same time. In this variable, the names of all the selected tags are separated by commas.
  • {CT_PARENT_TAG_TITLE} - the name of the parent tag
  • {CT_TAG_INTRO} - The introductory text of the tag, trimmed to the specified number of characters. If there are several tags in the selection, the introductory text of the first tag is used. The content of the intro text is processed by content plugins.


Extension type:
Joomla version:
4.3.1, 5.0.0

What's new

Joomla 5 ready

Changes have been made for compatibility with Joomla 5.


The plugin implements the SubscriberInterface completely

Changelog url

The Changelog url has been added so that you can view the list of changes to the new version before updating directly in the Joomla admin panel.

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