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SW JProjects
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General principles of working with the SW JProjects component

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the general principles of working with the SW Project component for Joomla: the list of component entities and the intended development flow.

List of component entities

  • category
  • project
  • version
  • key
  • documentation

By entities, we mean what we can create its from the control panel and edit in the future.

Since the SW JProjects component inherits the general Joomla logic, there is a view of a list of entities and a specific entity for each entity. 

Project category

All projects must be in at least one category. This is necessary to create a logical structure for the catalog of digital projects. There can be an unlimited number of categories. Categories can have unlimited nesting depth. 


A project is actually your digital product, a file for which you want to make a paid or free download. In the project, you fill in the name, description, screenshots and all the necessary information for both the project and its SEO promotion. In the context of Joomla, a project is an extension for Joomla: module, package, plugin, template, etc.


It is assumed that your digital product is software in the broadest sense of the word. The programs have versions. The SW JProjects component for Joomla follows semantic versioning (semver), but also allows you to use an additional hotfix digit in the version. Data on changes in this version is also filled in here, and a digital product file is downloaded.

License key

You can make access to your digital product paid. The SW JProjects component allows you to download files only for holders of a license key. The download link must contain a license key, without which it will be impossible to download the files of paid projects. 

Since files are stored outside the root directory of the site, this provides a high degree of protection and eliminates downloading paid files via a direct link to the file, bypassing the component.

The license key can be associated with one or more projects.


For each project, you can create documentation pages describing all the nuances necessary for users of your digital product.

How to work with the SW JProjects component for Joomla

  1. Creating the desired category
  2. Creating and filling in the project data
  3. Create and fill in the data for the project version, upload the file
  4. If the project is paid, we create license keys for your users manually or using third-party plugins.
  5. We fill out and maintain documentation for the project.

During the life cycle of a digital product, the text description of the project, screenshots are periodically updated, new versions and descriptions of changes are added, documentation is supplemented.

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