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WT AmoCRM - RadicalForm

WT AmoCRM - RadicalForm

Plugin for sending data to amoCRM from Joomla feedback forms created using the professional Radical Form plugin. Require WT Amo CRM library. AmoCRM as known as Kommo CRM (https://www.kommo.com/)

JoomShopping order products by availability

This is a remake of the Nevigen plugin SORT ABSENT ITEMS IN JOOMSHOPPING. The plugin allows you to sort products into categories depending on availability. The plugin has been rewritten according to the new Joomla 4 plugin structure and will work on Joomla 5.

WT Custom menu item banner

Custom banners for menu items. Responsive images and videos. For output, use the sample code.

WT AmoCRM - JoomShopping

WT AmoCRM - JoomShopping

Send JoomShopping order info to Amo CRM (as known as Kommo CRM)

WT Revars insert - plugin for inserting shortcodes

Plugin for inserting variables created using the Revars plugin into the editor.

WT Guru YooKassa payment plugin

WT Guru YooKassa payment plugin

A payment plugin for the Guru component that allows you to accept payments using the YooKassa service. Requires the WT YooKassa library installed.

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